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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Now We Wait.......

Well after checking every flooring store in town to see if they had any lino is stock that was close or similar to what we originally wanted....we came up empty handed so Saturday we headed off to Saskatoon to check there for lino that they had in stock.  We couldn't find anything in Saskatoon that we like or that was even close to what we we are going to wait.  What we might have to do is install the bottom set of cupboards before the lino arrives (we had wanted the lino to go down first) and leave the island until after the lino is installed.  So maybe, just maybe I will have most of my kitchen back before the end of June. 

In the long run we feel that waiting for what we want is the best idea...this way we will be happy with our choices and not saying we should have waited.

We ended our day in Saskatoon by attending the stock car races at Auto Clearing Speedway!  Some good racing...they had the legends in town for the race.  Those little cars sure can go.

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