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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Not Much to Say Today

Don't have to much news to tell you today.....  Good news is yesterday my hubby ran into a professional drywaller yesterday, he came took a look at the house (told my hubby he did an amazing job on the walls in the house) gave my hubby a quote and he is hired.  He is coming over on Friday after he is done work to get the walls taped and maybe even the first coat of mud on them.  What a relief for my hubby....he is really glad that someone else is doing the taping and mudding. 

My son has informed me that there is a parcel at home for me.....I am so excited as it is my new Magnolia Ink magazines, 2010 Volume 1 & 2.  These are magazines that are dedicated to the Magnolia stamps from Sweden. I have posted a couple of cards using Tilda a Magnolia stamp.  I am so excited to look through these magazines as they are filled with tutorials and inspiring ideas.  Maybe my new stamps even arrived...crossing my fingers that they are in as well.

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