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Monday, 28 June 2010

Things Are Coming Together

Things are really coming together.  We will be ready for painting by July 1st.  Al framed in the Air Exchange for the wall vent, hung the gyprock, taped and got the first layer of mud on so it is ready for the drywaller that will be coming in to finish.  He has very little mudding left to do, mainly sanding.

July 1 & 2nd we are moving Brittany into her new house that she is renting...she is so excited to be living on her own.  July 3rd we head to S'toon for the day to check out the basement suite we have a line on for Meagan.  We drove by it yesterday when we ran our son down to his friends as he starts his flooring installation job today.  The basement suite is in an awesome location, very close to the university, close to Broadway Ave and 8th Street. She will be 6 houses away from the bus stop and maybe a 10 - 15 minute walk to the university.

July 2nd is our daughter's Birthday....I want to make a card for her so last night I dug out my paper and stamps...tonight I will start coloring the image so that I can complete the card by Wednesday evening.

It will be nice to have my house back to normal...then our lives will be more on track and back to normal.  The wait is so going to be worth in the end!

Today my daughter Brittany is escorting her boyfriend Ron to his Graduation.  She came and borrowed my camera for the morning...I will take pictures of the two of them this afternoon after work when they are both dressed up for the Grand March this evening.  We are very proud of Ron getting his high school diploma and wish him well.  I can't wait to see them dressed up tonight...I am sure they are going to look fabulous!  Will post pictures of them tomorrow!

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