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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

They're Back........

........the walls that is!  Yesterday I arrived home to the all the walls up in my dining room and only one wall left to go up in the kitchen, the half wall around my stair well and the entrance way still need gyprock on the walls and then the dirty work starts.....the Mudding!  Glad I'm not doing that part!  What a difference in my house.  I never realized how big my kitchen really was until we changed the wall around the stair well and took out the wall that used to be my computer room/junk room to build the dining room.

I found the microwave that I want yesterday.....I need one with an exhaust fan built in as I am putting the microwave above the stove.  My husband said since we saved so much money by doing everything ourselves he wants to buy a new stove.  Hey I am game for that....mine is a plain nothing fancy stove that is only 2 years old and works complaints...but we are thinking of going with a Gas stove or an Induction Range......found one of each that I really like.  I don't know too much about the induction stove top so have to do a bit more research before I make a final decision.  Decisions......

Unfortunately I haven't had any time to work on any of my handmade cards this week, let alone color any of my stamped images.....just too many other things going on....maybe next week!  I did manage to print off some sheets of my new digital stamps that I bought over at Mo's Digital Pencil Shop.  I purchased Lacie with Ice Cream, she is so adorable and Siku and Shiya. There are many other's at Mo's Digital Pencil that are on my wish list.  Check out her blog to see her newest stamps by clicking HERE.

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