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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Morning Ramblings.....

Seems that we have a bit of a reprieve in the weather.  We haven't had any rain since the wee early hours of Saturday morning.  My daughter needed to be picked up from the bar that she awoke me from my sleep but I didn't hesitate a bit to go get her.  In the 40 minutes that I was gone from hubby said it poured and poured and poured.  When I left the roads were soft and gooey from all the rain we had during the week.  When I came home the ruts were filled with water and I mean filled.  I actually had to shake my head as I thought I was seeing things.....but NO it was real and the road was full of water.

I am actually taking advantage of the nice weather right sitting on my deck with my coffee listening to the song birds sing their songs as well as listening to the darn magpies squawk and squawk and squawk.  The sky is clouding over but I still see some blue sky so I am hopeful that the rain stays away but as I type this I feel the odd teeny tiny drop of water.

Monday if the weather holds Al can go pick up the gyp rock from the lumber yard and start getting the drywall up.  My son has a little bit of insulating to finish and finish putting the poly on the ceiling then it is full speed ahead for the drywalling.  Once the drywalling is finished it is time to start painting.  I have the colors picked out going with Oxford Blue in the entrance/porch (a nice light blue grey) and Lexington Blue for the feature wall in the dining room and kitchen (not navy blue but not royal blue) and Ranchwood for the main walls (it is a brown/beige/grey) which is also going to be carried down the stair well and into the living room so everything flows together.  The feature wall in my living room is New London Burgundy. All my paint is Benjamin Moore...if you want to check out the colors click HERE to go to Benjamin Moore's website.

Al is going to get the flooring guys to come out this week to take measurements so we can order our flooring as once the painting is done the floor comes in then my cupboards come in.

Okay mother nature is out to torture me I am those teeny tiny rain drops are now coming on a regular basis and they are bringing their friends with them.  Good thing I am under an umbrella as I still able to sit out here and be on the laptop.  We have had over 8 inches of rain since May 1st...this is getting ridiculous.  Ahhhhh.......this morning's little shower has passed over and the sun is starting to peak through...the birds are still singing and the squirrels are chattering away.  I love living out in the country...muddy roads and all!

God has given me a wonderful place to live....I get to enjoy his beautiful handiwork each and every day!  I am blessed!  It truly is a "Wonderful Life".

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