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Thursday, 17 June 2010


Well I guess it was bound to happen.....something would delay our house renovations.  Yesterday my husband ripped the old floor out to lay down the new underlay in preparation for the new vinyl flooring.  Tash's sent a guy out to get the measurements to call us back with a quote.  He figured Thursday or Friday of next week they would be able to do the install.....well that soon changed after he found out that the flooring we want won't be arriving in PA until the first week of July.  So now we are faced with the decision do we wait or do we start over and pick new flooring and have to maybe change the colors we picked...well we decided to wait for the flooring we really want.  This takes a bit of pressure off to have the drywall done so we can paint on the weekend.  Don't want to rush the mud so maybe this is a good thing but it is the much longer that my kitchen will be least I will have use of my fridge and stove still just lacking cupboards and counter space.  Oh well my kitchen will be really nice when its finished and I am really looking forward to the new design and the new cupboards.

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