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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Time With Friends

This weekend was like a step back in time.  It all started on Friday night when my friend Brenda arrived for a sleepover.  That is right a sleepover, Brenda's husband when to the lake with is brother and her son went to the lake with his girlfriend...leaving her home alone for the weekend.  So we decided that she come out on Friday night as well as Saturday we planned a BBQ with our group of 5 friends from high school. 

Saturday morning after enjoying coffee on our deck and taking in the sunshine Brenda and I headed into town to pick up the items on our list for Saturday evening BBQ with the girls, my hubby and children.  We started our afternoon off with pedicures and manicures.  OMG the pedicure was wonderful...thanks to the massaging chairs you have to sit in...not only did my feet feel good but my back felt awesome....maybe all I needed was a good massage to cure my back pain. 

At 3:30 we met my daughter at PA Ink, as she was getting her first tattoo.  She designed a beautiful tattoo of a Hibiscus and the Chinese symbol for strength.  She got the tattoo on her upper back in the centre...the outlining hurt a lot....I was glad that I was there for she could hold my hand, well actually squeeze my hand.  Brenda and I stayed until the outlining was finished and the fill started. 

Brenda, Chris, Lois and I (all friends from high school) along with my son Mike and daughter Brittany enjoyed an evening of friendship, good food and drinks (both with and without alcohol).  Roxanne was unable to be with us this weekend.  Not only was this a gathering of friends we also celebrated my 45th Birthday! We sat outside until it was too cold to stay on the deck...the wind was really cold last night.  It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday weekend.  My hubby didn't get home until after we had supper as he golfed 36 holes...but a he did give me a beautiful pair of gold earrings with diamonds....very beautiful...the first pair of earrings he has ever bought for me.....yep he did good!  It was one of the best birthday's I have had.

Brenda and Chris spent the night....this morning we spent about 4 hours visiting over coffee and left over finger food.  It was a blast talking about our families and our time in high school and the fun time we had.  Shortly after Chris left Brenda and I were finishing up the dishes and we decided that our little group of 5 - Brenda, Chris, Roxanne, Lois and myself are the "Real Housewives of Prince Albert".

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