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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Growing Up Fast........

As the days of summer dwindle down so do the number of days that my daughters will be living at home.  Both Brittany and Meagan are moving out on their own this year.  Brittany is moving into her own house in Prince Albert on July 1st...she found a nice little house that is only a couple of blocks from her work....she can actually walk to work and be there in 5 - 10 minutes.  Meagan is moving to Saskatoon onto another chapter in her life...she is attending university in the fall, taking Arts & Science to begin with.  She is planning to move in August sometime. She is still contemplating what to major in...will it be law or will she apply to the Police Force or will she do something completely different.  Both my daughters are starting out on a new chapter in their lives.  Found a lead on a place for Meagan to live in isn't too bad....includes fridge, stove, front load washer and dryer and all utilities except phone and cable...and she won't need a phone as she has her cell phone...  Time to start packing up some of my old stuff and dividing it up between the girls....what a great excuse to get new stuff for my house.....

I will miss them when they are on their is like Brittany is already on her own as we don't see her very much as she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend.

My kids are growing up fast!

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