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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cupboards are Coming Down

Today my hubby and our son were busy little bees.  Mike finished insulating the porch....he said he went from hot and muggy to cool as the insulation went up.  Al packed up some of what I didn't get packed out of the cupboards last night.  The first set of bottom cupboards are gone......OMG did I ever have UGLY cupboards and some really rotten areas...but I guess when you think these cupboards are over 40 years old it is time for them to GO! 

Tomorrow Al and Mike have a little bit left to pack away from my baking cupboards and then the tops can go.  I have been taking pictures but will post a before and after once everything is finished up. 

I was sitting on the deck enjoying the evening with Al and Mike but gave up because of the mosquito`s...they are really bad so far this year....I am sure it has to do with all the rain we have had in May and the forecast is supposed to be for a wet June as well.  This is not good news for the farmers either...they need to get the crops in the ground before its too late.

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