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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Going Back Up

Yesterday evening I came home to my house a bit of an obstacle course.  The gyprock is going back up on the ceiling.  They figure that by the end of today they should have the ceiling finished in both the dining room and kitchen and probably most of the walls if not all.  The ceiling is up in the entrance way/porch.  Soon we will be ready for paint.  The biggest challenge was getting a day without rain so that my hubby could get the gyprock home, thank goodness mother nature held out yesterday. Al made two trips to town and should have enough to finish.  Worst part is that once the mudding is started with the damp weather we are having it will take that much longer for the mud to dry. 

I am hoping that by maybe Friday I can start with the primer at least.  It is coming together faster than I could have imagined. 

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

Ooooh, wouldn't you rather be painting Magnolias???!!! LOL!!!
Gyprock...been there, done that!!
It's hard work!
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, Corinne! Nice to hear from another "Canuck"!!!
All the very best from Denmark!