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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Crafting and Blogs

Last night I tried my hand an making handmade Christmas Cards. Using the bit of supplies that I had the 3 that I made turned out pretty good. I have started making a list of things that I need for making my Christmas Cards. I think I am going to be come totally addicted to card making as I am to everything else I try for the most part.

So in my quest to create handmade cards for Christmas this year I started googling Christmas Cards, Verses, etc. I found lots of Blogs that have to do with Crafts....especially Handmade Cards. My hubby sees what I am doing and just shakes his head. I'm sure thinking not another craft! You see I dabble in many different areas from scrapbooking to stained glass to quilting and many more. Speaking of which I have to get the thumbs knitted on to the mitts I am making for my daughter.

There are so many ideas out there for making cards and scrapbook layouts. The blogs I have found is amazing and the ideas they share are awesome. There area few craft blogs that I will be following. I hope as I get a few cards done that I will post a picture here for you all to see.

So with my list in my purse I shall be watching the Dollar Stores, WalMart and Adams for sales and supplies. After Christmas is when I will find some good sales but the question is will there be much left.

Some of you on my Christmas Card List may receive a handmade card, all depends on how many I get done. My goal is to do a few this year and next year I hope that all my cards will be handmade.

Until tomorrow have a wonderful Sunday and happy crafting!

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