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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tid Bits

On Friday my husband took my car in to get the tire fixed. As it turns out the tire that was on there was shot....unfixable as was the spare tire. So a few hours later and a new tire I am good to go again.

Saturday was a day of baking. If you have ever tried the Lofthouse Sugar Cookies found in the bakery of your local grocery store you will know these are not like most sugar cookies out there. They are soft and it is the icing that makes them sweet. I myself really like them...border line addicted to them. So I searched on Google to see if I could find a copy cat recipe for them....jackpot I did find not only one recipe but several. For the most part they are all the same except for one recipe that uses Pilsbury Vanilla Cake Mix. All the recipes call for leaving the cookie dough overnight, so this morning will determine if these recipes are close to the cookies you buy in the store or not. Tasting the unbaked cookie dough I do think they are going to be very close to the store boughten ones.

With Christmas just over the month away it is time for making cabbage rolls and perogies in my house...not this is the only time of the year I make them...but I HAVE to have them for Christmas or I might as well leave the house. A couple of weeks back I made a big batch of cabbage rolls enough for Christmas and then some. A week ago I made a batch of perogie dough stuck in the fridge (the dough rolls better in my past roller when cool). Well as it turned out I was so tired this past week that I was in bed earlier than usual and the perogie dough sat. So yesterday after making up my potato, cheese & onion filling I made up 6 of them for my daughter and I to try before making up the entire batch of dough. We were the guinee pigs to determine if the dough was still good or not. Verdict came back that the dough was fine and they tasted very yummy! So finished up making that batch of perogies. Still have to make some saurkraut ones for my hubby, a batch of potato cheddar & onion ones for my son and some more for us.

Christmas card making is coming along very slowly, I have made 3 or 4 cards so far. I have a few more supplies to make some cards so will be making a few more cards. I hope to be able to post a couple of pictures of the cards I create but not until I am ready to show the entire world. I have found some really good inpsiring ideas on th different crafting blogs that I visit. Next year I will be ready with everything I need to make most of my cards. I picked up another new craft punch last night - Martha Stewart's Christmas Tree. Nice thing is that it doesn't only have to be used at Christmas as it is just your everyday Spruce Tree. Yes I am very glad I picked up this punch, I nearly put it many ideas of for using it now that I have it. I am very disappointed in the selection of scrapbooking/stamping supplies here in Prince Albert. I have found some really good suppliers on line that I think I will be shopping with as well as whenever I go to Saskatoon or Regina I will have to hit Michael's and some of the other scrapbooking/stamping stores.

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