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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Snowflakes & Winter

This morning I awoke to a light snow fall that started sometime last night. Ever so lightly the snow flakes dance their way to the ground. The dusting of snow on the trees looks so pretty. I love the colors of Autumn but feel so abandoned by Mother Nature when the trees are bare of all their leaves...only a skeleton remaining to face the elements. Once winter arrives so many of the snowflakes find a new home on these bare branches covering them in a white velvety blanket to give them some shelter from the elements of winter.

If do like winter, just hate the really cold temperatures that we get with those fluffy little flakes we call snow. I look forward to days of making snowmen (they are one of my favorite things about winter), taking walks on a moon light night on the crisp snow (when its not too cold outside) or going snowmobiling over fresh fallen powder. I would like to try my hand at cross country skiing this winter.

I do believe that winter has arrived for the long stay now....prior to this we had snow but not a whole lot a bit more than a skiff but not a true ground covering.

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