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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Little Rants & Raves

I go away for 2 days and come home to a house that was a disaster...more than it was when I left. I am sure my girls think they are made of sugar...if they were to put their hands in dish water I am certain they think they would dissolve..there wasn't a clean glass to be found in the last night after 3 1/2 sink fulls I finished all the dishes. I will be glad when we start remodeling our kitchen....I will have my dishwasher installed. For now it takes up a spot in my porch waiting to be put to good use. I guess I have lived this long with out a dishwasher I should be able to wait a bit longer. Plan is to have it in sometime in the spring. On the other had they had cleaned up the living room.

While I was in Regina I made stop over at Michael's Craft Store.....I picked up some new stamps & a couple of punches as I am going to try my hand at making some handmade Christmas Cards this year. I am so excited to try making the cards....still need to pick up a couple of things here but for the most part I am ready to start. If all goes well, I may take this project on for next year...will watch for sales after Christmas to pick up some supplies that I will need. I am very excited to try my hand at making cards....I enjoy scraping so I think I will also like this. I need to set up a space downstairs where I can have my scrapbooking set up at all times so that I can leave everything out instead of having to unpack and pack everything back up each time I want to work on something.

Well that is my little rant and rave for today!

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