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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Graduation is Coming!

Here it is November 20, 2008 and before I know it will be June 19, 2009 - Meagan's Graduation. Tonight is the first of probably many grad meetings. Tonight we sign up for the committees and if we are brave or in some cases stupid enough to volunteer to head up the committee tonight is the night. I am going there with the determination to not sign up to head anything but volunteer my time and that is all. Don't need the head ache of being the chair of some committee and dealing with the drama of this parent doesn't like this or that and so on....

Saturday Meagan and I are going to go looking at Graduation Dresses. I am going with camera in hand to take some photos of her dress choices so that her dad can see them as well as so she can do some process of elimination as well and hopefully come to a decision. I am sure this trip will be one of a few before she makes a final decision on a dress.

Not only is there the dress, the shoes and accessories to think about..there is the hair, the make-up, the nails...there is photos and supper to decide on. I want to get the photos booked as soon as possible so then it is done with...but which photographer to choose. Will do a bit of shopping around for this one...then there is the grad parties to think about and plan.

We'll have a grad party for Meagan at our house for the family & close friends most likely the week before grad. Meagan isn't sure if she is going to have a party with her friends at our place or not on the grad weekend...that we have lots of time to worry about...the lowest things on the pole right now.

Not only is there graduation to think about and plan there is the decisions of what she wants to do after she completes high school. Will she work for a year before deciding to extend her education or will she go on to extend her education in the fall and if so what will she apply for. Decisions, decisions....glad I don't have to make them all....but will advise her best I can.

My little girl is growing up, faster than I would like sometimes......

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