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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Rotary Craft Show

Saturday my friend and I took in the Rotary Craft Show at the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre. There many different exhibits with crafts, candles, knitting to quilting and painting. There were people with their home business products such as Discover Toys, Watkins & Princess House Canada.

We spent the better part of 2 - 2 1/2 hours at the show. So many things to see and taste too. Even the SPCA had a display with a couple of their kittens waiting to be adopted to loving homes.

If only I had an unlimited budget where I could have spent what I really would have liked the things I could have purchased. I did pick up some face templates for my paper doll templates for scrapbooking...what a deal on those $1.00/sheet regular $9.99/sheet. There was one display of applique quilted wall hangings. Oh these were beautiful and the prices were really good. I got some really nice ideas for appliqueing if I ever find the time to try it out. So many nice pieces at this booth that it would be very hard to decide which to buy.

I did go with a budget in mind and I did stick to it even though I was tempted to purchase this purse from one booth. This lady does the home purse parties. I had heard of these but didn't know who in town did I know. I have her card and will look at booking a party after Christmas sometime in the new year.

I picked up a couple of beautiful hand painted ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

My whole reasoning to attend the Rotary Craft Show was to pick up stamping supplies from a friend of mine who was there trying to liquidate her stock as she has closed her stamping business down to pursue other dreams. She was selling everything off at 50% off. Picked up a few more Christmas stamps, inks and embossing powders. I picked up a really good idea as well when it comes to remember which stamps, ink colors and embossing powders that I have. Stamp each stamp onto a sheet and put into a duo-tang that I can take with me when going looking for stamps. Also stamp the image and emboss it with the different colors making a note of which color is which and add this to the duo-tang as well. I also picked up some chalk coloring pencils to color in my stamped images. Now I have a few more options for my handmade Christmas Cards. This year I will try a few of them and hopefully next year I will be able to make enough for everyone on my card list.

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