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Monday, 3 November 2008


Reconnecting with family is always a good thing. Recently I experienced the joy of reconnecting with family that we haven't spoke to in nearly 13 years. My husband's nephew and his wife. It wasn't that we haven't thought about them or anything like that...lives change and sometimes you loose contact without meaning too. My niece was the one that mentioned to me that she was wanting to make contact with her cousins that she hasn't seen in as many years and thought she might have found them on facebook but wasn't sure. So I checked into it and sure enough there they were. Immediately added them as friends to my face book as was thrilled when my they responded. My other niece and I have been messaging back and forth catching up on each other's lives.

It is wonderful to be able to make this connection. My husband and I are saying it would be so nice to go visit them at their house or have them down to our place for a visit and catch up. For now until we can visit each other we will continue to chat through facebook and over the phone.

My daughters are thrilled to find that they have cousins in their age group. They hope to be able to meet them one day soon. The last time they would have seen each other they were all little toddlers and don't really remember anything about spending time together.

Family is precious and should never be taken for granted as one day you may find they are gone for one reason or another.

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