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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Now I wait!

Yesterday I had a job interview with the Ministry of Highways & Transportation for the position as Area Office Coordinator. My interview was scheduled for 3pm, I was asked to arrive 15 minutes early which I did...was given some questions to review and provide answers for my own reference during the interview. So I answered the questions and waited and waited until 4:20pm for my interview to start.

I actually think I did okay in the nerves calmed right down long before I was called into the boardroom. I am glad as I hate being nervous when I have to answer questions. I don't think I answered anything wrong....I hope I told them what they wanted to hear. Today is their last day of interviews and I will know within 2 - 4 weeks either way if I have the job or not.

My hours of work would 7am - 4pm which is fine with that I would be home an hour earlier than I am now and starting work at 7am is not a problem for me.

When I know if I got the job or not I will let you know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Not that you need it i'm sure you did great!