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Friday, 21 November 2008

Saved By a Flat Tire

Last night I left work to pick up my daughter then head to the grad meeting. Well I didn't make it to pick up my daughter or to the grad meeting. I had a flat tire on the way to get my daughter...limped into the closest gas station so I would have lots of light to change the tire, well so my son could change the tire. Called Michael and he came to his mother's rescue. When we pulled the spare out of the trunk found it was also flat but would hold air at least to get me home. So plans to attend the meeting changed.....I guess this flat tire was a way of preventing me to volunteer to head-up one the committees at least that is how I am looking at it. So in a way that flat tire was my saviour. I know there will be many more grad meetings and I do plan to attend....

So this morning I go out to the car and there it is spare has a slow leak. Even pumping it up this morning it would have been flat by the time I was done work. So I took the hubby's truck to work and he will take my car in to get the tire fixed. The men in my life are such wonderful guys.

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