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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


This morning as I was leaving for work at 6:55am I realized that is was extremely dark outside....almost an eerie type of darkness. Usually when I walk out the door in the morning I can see my way to the garage but not so this morning. So I looked up expecting to see it was overcast but no there were stars all over the sky but no moon. Absolutely no sign of the moon what so ever...I don't recall a morning like this in a long time where there were stars but no sign of the was like it has almost fallen from the sky.

I don't know how the people in the Arctic can live with out daylight during the winter months when they have to live in nearly complete darkness 24 hrs a day. I would go crazy if we didn't have the precious amount of day light we get in the winter.

Even on my 20 minute drive with my headlights on low beam it seamed darker than usual...that might have to do with there was little traffic this morning compared to other mornings. It was such an eerie feeling that I thought maybe I had left home earlier than usual. Looked over at my clock expecting to see a much earlier time than it the 7:07 am it was at the time.

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